LARAVEL C.R.U.D. with Modals & AJAX

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LARAVEL C.R.U.D. with Modals & AJAX help developers who love to work with Laravel and Bootstrap to create a simple CRUD operations which by default will require user to navigate from one page to another for simple operations.

Modals are streamlined, but flexible, dialog prompts with the minimum required functionality and smart defaults, and therefore seem an excellent fit for all forms of forms and are very useful for implementing CRUD operations and on the other hand, by using modal dialogs users can use the same action (methods) and keep them on same page.

This application don't use javascript validation, only PHP, of course you can insert javascript validation if you want, but javascript validation is not the purpose of LARAVEL C.R.U.D. with Modals & AJAX.

Used Technologies

Laravel 4.2

PHP 5.4 +

Bootstrap 3.3.2

jQuery 2.1.1